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Denver’s suburbs, characterized primarily by single-family home communities, offer lots of opportunities for those seeking to live outside the city core. People are often attracted to these communities because of more open space, quality schools, larger homes and more land to go with them.

Within the last 20 years a number of vibrant new suburbs have been added to the mix in our area. To the south Highlands Ranch, Lonetree and Grants Ranch have emerged as attractive locations with a variety of housing types. Parker, which at one time was considered another city a considerable distance from Denver is today a growing suburb with the Parker Road corridor filling in with housing and services. Up north Anthem and Church Ranch are among the newest of our suburban areas.

One interesting recent trend in our area is that the boundaries between suburban and urban living have become less distinct. Infill communities like Lowry and Stapleton offer the suburban experience closer to the city center. And buying a home in some communities, like Southmoor, Hampden Heights and Green Valley Ranch affords the same experience as more distant suburbs.

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