I read an article this morning that quoted data from Attom Data Solutions.  They examined 27,000,000 sales of homes and condos over a 7 year period to try to find the best times and even days to buy a home.


Experienced Realtors have always known that historically the period of November through January are when property days on the market is highest and deals can be found.  Unfortunately, these are also the times when many owners take properties off market for the holidays and anticipating a slow season.


Attom drilled down a little deeper and determined the best days of the year to buy are December 4th and January 26th.  Their data confirmed that December was the best month to buy, followed by November then January. I find it interesting that certain days jumped out in the data, I would have thought the week following the 20th of December would be the best, followed by Thanksgiving week.


In the current 2020 market of short inventory counts, increasing prices, and active buyers it will be interesting to see if the customary patterns hold true. Based on our activity during the year of Corona virus, we have seen the super-active spring market move to summer; we did not see a drop off from the “spring-summer” market moving into fall.  One cannot help but think that the fall market, which is usually active but not as active as spring, will likely move to winter. If this trend falls into place, we can expect a steady market in the first half of 2021.