A really good real estate agent will manage these tasks and activities for a client. How does yours measure up?



For Buyers:


1. Ask you about homeownership needs and hopes

2. Recommend a mortgage broker

3. Get you pre-approved

4. Talk about schools

5. Give you feedback on neighborhoods

6. Help you find a home

7. Help you pick an inspector

8. Attend the home inspection

9. Attend the appraisal

10. Stay on top of the mortgage

11. Offer help finding contractors

For Sellers:


12. Price your home correctly

13. Market the home well


For Both:


14. Negotiate an offer

15. Negotiate home inspection repair requests

16. Communicate, communicate, communicate

17. Help you prepare to buy or sell

18. Tie up any loose ends

19. Help you manage emotions

20. Follow up to see how the move went

21. Keep in touch