How Can an Agent Help Me Fix and Flip a Home?

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If you've never fixed and flipped a home before -- but you've watched enough HGTV think it looks like fun -- then you might not think you need a real estate agent to help with the process. What can an agent...
Going Green: 7 Energy-Saving Tricks

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There are plenty of reasons to go green. Conserving energy and running an energy-efficient home can lower your monthly utility bills, saving you some green for your wallet.
Buying a Home before you see it

Posted on In a fast moving market such as we are currently experiencing, can you buy a house you have never visited? Several of our clients...
15 Ways You Can Make Your Community Safer

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In a society where we refer to our homes as our castles, it makes sense that we also want to feel safe and secure in our residences. But as we spend more time inside looking at screens and less time outside...